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The turbine is a device for the vehicle, which increases the pressure in the intake manifold for the purpose of receipt of large amounts of air (oxygen) into the combustion chamber. The most effective way to increase the power of the engine is to install turbines. If the intake manifold pressure to increase one atmosphere in the combustion compartment flagged twice more oxygen. Using basic arithmetic can be concluded that a small turbosh engine produces power similar atmospheric, with volume twice.

The mechanism of the turbines is simple. By exhaust manifold exhaust gases are sent into the hot section turbine impeller on entering the hot compartment shaft and bring it to where it is fixed in place. The same places on a shaft and compressor impeller directly in the cold turbine outlet. When rotating impeller makes the pressure in the intake manifold tract and, as a result, there is a large flow of oxygen into the combustion chamber.

In operational turbine thermodynamic exposed to high loads. The gases that enter the turbine hot section, are characterized by high fever eight - nine thousand degrees Celsius. Therefore, developing our product range, we are very attentive to the fact that the building of turbines, we offer our customers seamless composition made from pig iron produced in a special way reflux. Since the frequency of turnover turbine shaft rate exceeds two hundred thousand revolutions per minute of the presented in our range of turbines we require high-precision, high-quality fitting and balancing. In addition to these requirements, at least in detail, we take quality lubricants, showing them the highest regards.

The company "Kalush Turboservis" sells high-quality, proven time and overwork turbines and comes up with the times and world developments. Our catalog presents the latest turbine known companies for all types of engines. Our range includes the best models that produce global manufacturers sector: Japan, Germany, the Czech Republic and many other countries. To find out the most detailed information about the company advantage, enough to order. We know what should be a turbine for your car!



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